Brand Counseling

Making Informed Brand Decisions

We aim to deeply understand your business, including your vision, objectives, the thought behind the company name, product, or brand identity, and its strengths and weaknesses. We study your target audience, competition, media strategies, budget, and other relevant factors, and then help you set up appropriate processes and systems, and create a strategic action plan aligned with your brand’s unique characteristics.

Brand Strategy

Transforming Business Objectives into Brand Strategy

We turn business goals into brand strategy by combining research and creative skills, using design effectively. Using innovative tools like Patterning and Strategic Opportunity Matrices, we identify our client’s USP and incorporate it into visible brand expressions, immersive experiences, and physical spaces. Thus we can create meaningful two- and three-dimensional experiences that convey the company’s brand identity and achieve its goals.
Our success is thanks to a diverse team of experts in brand strategy, development, positioning, research, graphic design, marketing communications, interior architecture, and more. While this approach externally improves market positioning, customer recognition, sales, and investor perception, it also internally boosts employee satisfaction, retention, productivity, and understanding of the organization’s mission and values.

Brand Identity Made Simple

Communicating Brand Benefits Through Tangible Systems

We create brand identities that convey your brand promise and business attributes. With our graphic design expertise, we create engaging logos and symbols that connect with your target audience and work for your business goals. We also excel at designing elements for employee and donor recognition, celebrating your staff and reflecting your organization’s history and purpose.
Our brand identity work extends to user orientation. Our wayfinding and signage team collaborates with clients to understand brand personality, architectural features, user needs, building layouts, and navigation challenges. This enables us to create functional, effective, and visually appealing solutions for a variety of spaces, from hospitals and airports to entire university campuses.

Brand Space

Delivering the brand as an experience

A well-designed branded space not only reflects your company’s identity and leaves a lasting impression but also offers benefits for customers, employees, and the brand itself. Our expertise results in increased employee recruitment, retention, and productivity, as well as improved morale. This also leads to a higher perceived value among investors and increased sales growth.
Our 3-D design skills cover interior architecture, finishes, furnishings, and environmental graphics to maximize space potential. We collaborate across Perkins + Will disciplines to provide brand space solutions for a range of clients, from showrooms and corporate headquarters to universities, hospitals, airports, and more.

Brand Communication

Expanding brand messages through multi-media expressions

We expand your brand’s messages through various media. Our team creates business and marketing collateral materials, packaging, sales tools, digital content, and relationship management tools that match your business goals and brand identity. Whether it’s crafting an e-newsletter or launching a new web-based business ground up, our communication tools bring your corporate mission and values to life.

Print Production

A print impression is a lasting impression

We ensure that our clients’ messages come to life in tangible, high-quality print materials. We leverage our expertise to produce eye-catching brochures, print packaging, and printed marketing collaterals that align seamlessly with the overall brand look and feel. Whether it’s creating visually stunning print materials to leave a memorable impression or delivering polished, well-crafted sales tools, our Print Production services empower our clients to effectively engage their target audience, promote their business objectives, and reinforce their brand identity through tangible, professionally produced materials.

Event Management

Delivering unforgettable events!

Our Event Management services enhance brand communication. We expertly plan and execute events like product launches, conferences and brand-building events, creating memorable experiences that engage audiences and reinforce brand identity. From concept to execution, we help clients connect with their target audience, foster loyalty, and achieve business goals through successful events.

Web Design & Development

Your indelible footprint on the World Wide Web!

Our web development and design services benefit clients by creating attractive, user-friendly websites that boost their online presence and engagement. We ensure websites work seamlessly on all devices and rank well in search engines, driving more organic traffic. With ongoing support, clients can focus on their core business while we maintain and secure their online presence, leading to business growth and success.

Digital Marketing

Extending your reach to where your customers are!

Our digital marketing services benefit clients by creating targeted campaigns that boost online visibility and ROI. We use various digital channels, from social media and email marketing to SEO and SEM, ensuring our clients stay competitive and achieve their business goals in the digital age.
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